Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What's next ?

That is the million dollar question I guess. What is next? I had hoped to be in really good shape and getting ready to run the North Face 50 mile in a few weeks in Wisconsin but that just is not in the cards as of now. Sometime life throws you curve balls and you need to adjust to the pitch. The funny thing is I spend each and every day telling people that at the store ( TC Running Company ) but sometime it is hardest to take your own advice. But as I just got done telling my good buddy Chris, Running is so great because it is a life long adventure and you never know where you might end up next in this sport. Nothing compares sport wise to that. Nothing!!

So here is what I am thinking about this fall. Maybe running some shorter trail and road races to keep stuff fresh ? Then maybe do either the Fall 50 mile road race in Door County and/or still go out to North Face 50 mile trail in December with the crew? There is always Surf the Murph 50 mile ? I got to do a 50 mile if I want any chance of going to Western States 100 next year. Heck looking at the great pictures from last weeks run on the SHT I still have that desire to run the whole dam length of that trail. Like I said we will see where I go. If I could only be like Helen huh, I could go everywhere.

I would like to send out a little shout out to Chris as he leaves tomorrow for the World Mt. Running Championships in Slovenia. Go get em man! Also would like to say congrat's to my buddy Matty G on getting engaged over the weekend. Good times dude, good times.

Oh yea one last thing. Thanks to all the TC Running team members out there. I love looking at blogs, facebook entries and such and seeing you all with your TCRC shirts on. I am very proud to have you all in my corner. Thanks!

(This is a video from this years Leadville 100. It give a good look into the race)


Helen said...

Awesome video Kurt! It's on my plan for next year...

Melissa said...

This same video is posted on vimeo but it is set to music and is way cooler than the one without music. Same exact video but with music. Youtube won't let me load a video with music. Here is the link: http://www.vimeo.com/14411798.

Feel free to link to it if you like it better.
Melissa Young