Friday, August 13, 2010

Baby Steps

So far so good I guess this week. I have been trying to take it one step at a time. With this recurring abdomen pain over the last few months I have been scared to do to much and push to hard. You know 2 sports hernia surgeries in the last 3+ years does that to a guy. I have talked to a few people and am taking the approach that it could just be scar tissue beaking a bit and not a new tear. Nock on wood it is that. Trying to stretch allot more and working with Dr. Folske every week doing active release might just work. I know I need to just plug along and get the work in and look for that one race to get my 50 miler in so I can out in for Western States 100 lottery next year. At first I was looking to do 2 more 50 mile races this fall but know I am holding with one. Who knows with this extra race taken out I can do some other races in the area. I would love to try some shorter races and challenge myself to try and be faster once more.

One of the highlights last week for me was my wife Sonya's great birthday long run. She has a tradition of doing a long trail run on her birthday so we went out to Afton state park with a few of our friends. Paul, Kim, Arica joined Sonya and I for a hot but great trail run. If you do not remember last Sunday it was like 99' out side with the heat index well over 100!! After many miles first Paul and I then Sonya went into the St. Croix river for a great post run swim. Man it was great. Now I know what Helen loves about doing this. I used to do this but life is busy with 3 kids so most of the time for Sonya and I it is run then go home. It was a great reminder to make time for this kind of stuff.

So far this week has been pretty good. We had a great group run today out at Hyland with Josh, Andy and the boys coming for the first time. Welcome guys and please come aging soon. Hope everyone has a great weekend and see you soon on the trails. Oh yea also check out the NEW TC Running Company blog I just started. It should be lots of fun with a new blog post every week about fun stuff at the store and things the store is doing in our great running community. I also hope to do Q & A's with lots of different people. Lastly there are links to many TCRC people's blog as well. Let me know what you would like to see on there.

*This video is from the upcomming USATF 10k trail championships. Give it a try.


Anonymous said...

I had not seen that video before and just as it shows it is an awesome race. Great views and very difficult, but so much fun! Maybe I'll do it again this year!

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