Monday, August 2, 2010

Where to start

Well lot's has gone on in my life since the last time I posted anything. Only thing is most of the fun stuff has been non running stuff. Hmm I guess that is ok as well if you ask me. As I am sure anyone who has followed this blog for some time now has seen my running has been up and down more than a roller coaster the last few months, well maybe the last year or so ? I have been stuck in this funk for sometime now where things are not great but not horrible yet either. I have not been to happy about it but at the same time have been just trying to enjoy each day for all it has brought to me. Hell some days have great trail runs with guys like Darius one of my workers at the store or great road runs with Nick and or Jason. Then some days like today I feel like I am going to die. Oh well got to take the good with the bad and overall I am lucky to have lots of good in my life. Here is some of the highlight the last week or so
My little boy Evan had his 4th B-day party which was super fun. It is so great to see him grow up and become such a great little boy. Hell we had good cross training with the moon walk. Maybe a idea before the next ultra?

Evan and I each ran in the Hennepin Lake Classic races this last Sunday. I have always liked this race as it has been around a long time. Plus it was at this race Sonya and I first started talking to each other many years ago and it was just 4years ago we brought the few day old Evan to his first road race to meet all the nice MN runners. Evan did the kids 1/4 mile and I did the 10k and 5k double header as a good training run. With any luck things will get going better so I can run the North Face Madison race in late September.

I am going to leave you with this video I just found with super sud Max King from team Montrail. I hope this week finds many good miles of running ahead of both you and I. Enjoy the running and remember life is to short to be caught up to much in what's wrong, hell what's wright is what I am looking at one step at a time.


Helen said...

Great video as always!

That's very cool that Evan ran the race 4 years after his intro :) You just need to get onto Salamon now about making trail shoes for 4 year olds...

Kurt said...

Yea that would be funny some S-Lab wings in kids 12.