Monday, June 21, 2010

Ok I have been slacking a bit, but...

So you call me a slacker? Well looking at how long it has been since I last did this I guess so. Where to start, hmmm? Well lets start with training. Man I put together like 3 1/2 great weeks of running awhile ago. I was hitting the trails hard and feeling great. Hell I even made it to Afton 3 weekends in a row to rock the great trails out there with Afton 50k up coming. Well then it all went south. The week after Fans 12/24 hour was hell as my wife was super sick. Like in the hospital 3 different times! I am happy to report after 2 crazy weeks she is feeling much better but man what a crazy 2 weeks. Then if that was not crazy all on it's own I tossed in this little 2 1/2 day trip to France with the great people from Salomon for a launch for this new road to trail shoe that will be out in early 2011. Great trip but ended up being bad timing with Sonya being so sick. Lucky for me I have great family who help out so so much.

But just like Sonya I am happy to report I had a great end of the week of training with 3 days of trails at Hyland, MN river bottoms, and Lebanon Hills boom boom boom. Have running being so messed up that 2 weeks did not make me to excited for what Afton will bring but I love that race and will give it the best I have on that day. If I can only get as fast as these guys I am standing with hear. On the left Adam Chase and on the right Jonathan Wyatt( 6 times world mountain champ and 2 times Olympic runner). I think I should go run more now. I will blog more later on my views on the weekends upcoming Western States 100 miler. Happy trails people.

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