Friday, June 25, 2010

The Western States 100 mile

It is almost upon us; the 2010 running of the Western States 100 mile. I think most runners you would talk to who have run it would say it is one special race. I had the pleasure of running it back in 2003. It was my second 100 mile race and first mountain race. It was one of the best days of running I have ever had. I learned so much about the sport and about myself in that 24 hours. I long for another chance to go back and give it a good shot. I know I would run so much faster. I guess I will have to put my name in the hat and see what happen once more at this years lottery.

This years race is looking like a epic battle on both the men's and women's sides. I for one think the men's side is deeper but that is taking nothing away from the women as there are a bunce of super good women running this year. It's just that the men's side is on paper maybe the deepest field ever? I guess we will see how thing shake out over the day. You can watch the web cast of the race at the Western States web site or I also believe there is good race day stuff at this site

So onto the race. Well in most peoples mind there are 4 real big dogs and a bunch of tier two guys. The big four at Anton, Hal, Kilian and Goeff. I am super torn on who to pick. I know Hal is two time champ and has lot's of experience. Anton; well he is Anton and super fast. Goeff has become a super stud over the last year and a half showing he has the goods over 50k up to 100 miles. But in the end I think Kilian is just a freak of nature. If not to fried from his last Kilians Quest 3 weeks ago I am guessing he will do it. That being said I think those other guys will give him a run for the title.

My picks:
1st- Kilian in course record time
2nd- Goeff also under the old course record
3rd- Anton in 15:58
4th- Josh Brimhall in 16:18
5th- Hal in 16:20

** My buddy Tony Kocanda I am guessing 19:19

1st- Devon Crosby-Helms
2nd- Joelle Vaught
3rd- Nikki Kimball
4th- Tracy Garneau
5th- Megan Arboghast


Helen said...

Great video Kurt - I think he could do something special at Western but that was awfully close to be running that distance. My money is on Anton for the win. And I also think Devon CH for the women - she's really been focusing on this race. But I guess a lot can happen over 100 miles...

Matthew Patten said...

We have one other from MN running. Adam Schwartz-Lowe. Nice guy.

Small showing from MN this year.

I will be watching.

SteveQ said...

You were within 9 minutes on Tony's time! Kilian started fast and that and the trans-Pyrenees was too much.

Kurt said...

Well hell I did pretty well I thought. I thought 2 guys would go under record, just had one of the two wrong. I do think the Kilian's quest did kill his legs a bit to much.

Plus pretty close on Tony.

Yea Matt Adam is a nice guy and ran well !!

Fun Stuff and hope to be there next year for me.

Helen said...

we were all wrong on the first female!

Elfen-Lied-Er said...



Great video, and good blogg