Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What's next, take rwo

**( Second try at this post, Sorry wrote it late last night)
Man after last weekend I was very excited about running. That's the power of the Western States 100 miler. It is funny to me that I can get so much from some event like this and have it effect me in such a way when it is so far away. It truly is a special race in my mind. What about those times run ? I not sure what to say other that crazy. On the guys side we have 2 guys under the old course record, plus the next two guys ran times that win the race like every year other than this year. On the womens side you have the top 4 all super close and I believe all in the top 30 overall. Plus I guess they had more sub 24 hour people this year than ever before. Pretty special.

This weekend is the big 4th of July weekend and we know what that means in MN... It's Afton trail run weekend! I will be doing 50k once more. If you asked me a few weeks ago I would have been pumped about what time I could run. Well not so sure now but as ready to give it my best shot. If that is not enough we have the Tour de France starting on Saturday and the PRE classic on Sunday where there are some guys gunning for the American record in the 5k. Should be great!

If you want to get more WS100 crazy there is a great spread of info over at ,Go check it out.

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