Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hardrock 100 Video

here is a great video of Minnesota's own Kim Holak at the Hardrock 100. Kim is one tuff runner who like all of us at one time or another had a tuff day on the trail. But she kept going for it. Seeing her fight so hard gives me something to think about for my Leadville race. Way to go Kim !!

Hardrock 100 - Pacer's View from kelly korevec on Vimeo.


SteveQ said...

Great video! It really makes one wonder how Skaggs did it in 23 hours. When I asked Kim how she could train for Hardrock in Minnesota, all she said was "we have hills in Duluth." Well, yeah... but look at the course she had to run. Amazing.

nwgdc said...

I agree with what Steve in the hell is that possible in 23 hours?!
The pictures I've seen of Hardrock are as close as I've seen to another planet. I've gotta get out to the San Juans (that's where it is, right?).

Not to run Hardrock. Just to run :)