Monday, November 29, 2010

Turkey and Trail Running

Morning on the MN river bottoms

Well happy post Thanksgiving week to you all. I hope everyone out there had a great turkey day. I for one ate more than my fair share that is for sure. The problem has been that for some reason we got stuck with tons of dessert's at the house. I mean 3 pies, 1 plate with 12 huge brownies, and 1 big box filled with cookies. On that note I better start running a whole lot more.....

Speaking of running I had a great weekend of running with all my favorite people. I kicked it all off with a super Thanksgiving morning run with my wife. We have been trying to find ways to get out more together and this was great. Even though we did not get out to trails we ran a great parkway loop together from home. Always great to kick off the holiday with the wife!! that lead into a great Friday run from the store with Adam. How luck to work for such a good guy and friend.

After that end of the week I could not wait for the weekend. Saturday brought us the Pederson Benefit run out at Afton State Park. What a day for running great trails with just enough snow to make the trails feel a little different then a great pot luck lunch with so many fun people from the MN trail running community. Everybody out for a great cause of helping out the Pederson's after there house was flooded down in Zumbro this fall. Sonya, Paul and I got in a very solid 19+ miles. I was super excited with how good I felt.

Sunday was just the perfect ending to a great week. A 7 mile trail run with Paul and Sunshine down on the great MN river bottoms trail. Even though both Paul and I where a bit tired after the big day before, running with Sunshine will always pick you up. I can't begin to think of how many miles I have run with that dog. What a great running partner. Hell my first run ever with her was up and over Hope's Pass in Leadville,CO way back in 2005 I think? I should have know after that kind of first run it was the first of many.
Sunshine and me

After this last weekend I came away knowing what I always new all along. I am blessed with great family, friends and to live in such a special place. I give thanks every week for what I have.


rob horton said...

Very cool Kurt - I am stoked regarding how much running has been a perfect fit for you. I still remember the day a couple years back that I discovered your blog and read everything you had posted. I hope we get to see each other again sometime in 2011 - maybe Ragnar again? I am planning on participating. Thanks again for letting me stay at your place during this years Ragnar - it was cool to get an inside glimpse of your life.

Kurt said...

Thanks Rob !!! Yea running has been good to me. It was great having you over and yes I am sure we will see each other soon.

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