Tuesday, November 30, 2010

And the winner is.......

This weekend is a big weekend for me. First off it is Western Sates 100 mile lottery weekend. I will know this Saturday afternoon if I am a big winner or not. I figure either way it will be a great year or running in 2011 for me. Like I have said before with next year being my 1st year as a masters runner (40+) I am looking to put a little more into it. It will all start with a solid winter of running. Got to get in the miles, miles and more miles with a little bit of speed and hill training mixed in. Speaking of speed WS100 champ Geoff Roes has a pretty good blog up now with his take speed training.

The other big thing going on this weekend in regards to trail running in my world is the big North Face 50 mile championship being run out in the San Fransisco area this Saturday. As a big fan of the sport seeing a race stacked with such a deep field makes me super excited! Who ever wins the $10,000 first place check will have to work for it that is for sure. Here is my picks for the top spots.

Mens: Top 5 just not sure on order (I think there are like 8 guys who could win)
Uli Steidl, Geoff Roes, Chris Lundstrom(MN), Erik Skaggs, Dave Mackey. My heart pulls for Chris or "Lundo" as we call him since he is my good friend. If you see the names Dakota Jones or Thomas Lorblanchet do not be shocked as well. I know it has been rainy as of late but I would not be shocked to see the course record still fall.

Womens: Top 5 (like the mens race lots of top people but I will try to pick here)
1. Kami Semick
2. Devon Crosby-Helms
3. Ellie Greenwood
4. Krissy Moehl
5. Katie Koski (MN runner)

Also a big good luck to all the TC Running trail crew running in this race besides Lundo. Run great !!!