Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Beer Relay's 2010

For the 6th year now I have hosted the beer relays. This event was thought of many years ago on a run with my buddy Nick; it just took a few years till I finally put one on. The reason for the two person relay was to add a fun team aspect to the event that was different than the normal beer mile. So how it works is simple. Runner #1 drinks a can of beer then runs a 400 and tags to runner #2 and they do the same. You repeat this 4 times till each team has a total of 8 beers and run two miles total. As you can guess your stomach takes a beating as that is allot of fluid of any type in that period of time.

This year we had a great turn out with 6 teams and many people along to take it the events. We had great weather once more which was great given that all week it looked like we would have rain/snow. The competition was hot and people ran till they puked. Well in some case's yes till they puked. In the end it was a great night with friends. Thanks to all who came and we will see you next year!
Our 3rd place team Chris and Helen 13:46
Sonya and Dave 2nd place once more 13:09 (Sonya's 6th in a row)
The 2010 Champions Paul and Laura 13:03
6th place team of Maria and Doug 31:39
5th place team of Adam and Dylan 17:22
4th place team of Nick and I 15:33 (we have been a team 5 of the 6 years!)
Lastly a picture I love. My good running pal's Paul and Brian"the younger"


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