Friday, May 7, 2010

Up and Down

Up and Down would be the best way to talk about the last week or so. Man I had a great week last week with some solid runs on Friday at Hyland and Saturday at Lebanon Hills. I was very happy with where I was standing last Sunday night. Well then came this week. Talk about a downer of a week. Man I have struggled with getting in my runs and hell when I have ran I have felt sluggish. Not really how I was hoping to go into race week next week. I hope to rebound with a good weekend and go from there. I have to remind myself that is the flow of running and of life.

Here is a little video from last weekends Miwok 100k. This is one race I hope to do sometime soon. My friend Helen did it and was great ! If you have time check out the race write ups from Anton, Devon and Gary. There are links on my side bar to the right.

Well here is my video for the week. From a great Scottish band I like called Idlewild. There album The Remote Part is one great one. I think I would give it a A grade as I like every song on it. Check it out !! This song is from a later album, catchy song I think.

One last thing. There is a great write up from Matt Fitzgerald of Barefoot running. This is the link. I would read it as I found it very good.

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