Monday, May 24, 2010

Ruff Start, Solid End !

In my last post I talked about how the SHT kicked my ass. Boy how correct I was. At the start of last week my legs felt completly trashed. It was hard for me to believe this w the case as I felt I shut it down enough comming back to the finish the following weekend and that I would be ok. I guess I was wrong; dead wrong. So with all the shit in my legs I was going to take the week easy. I had Sunday and Monday off compleatly then began running Tuesday night. I was thinking I would take one more day off but went out after work with Pete Miller anyway. It was a good call as I could feel my legs getting better as the run went on. The next two days where more of the same and I was thinking I sure put myself in a bad spot. But after Saturday and Sundays run I was feeling much better about my desision to do what I did during the week. On Saturday I had a great run down on the MN river bottoms by myself. Man what a great place and only like 13 min's from my house ! Then I had the pleasure of running with Sonya and Helen out at Afton state park. Each and everytime I run at that place I just love it. It is perfect to me. Nice mix of single track, open meddow runnning, long uphills and downhills. I am very much looking foward to getting ready for the upcomming Afton 50k on July 3rd with many runs out there. If you have never run there please check it out !!!

So funny thing on todays down right crazy hot (96'outside) run. As Adam and I made our way out and back to from the store we talked about how great it is to have friends and teammates to motivate us in our running. It is so true and everyday that goes buy in my life I continue to see this more and more. It is one of the things in my life I feel so blessed with. It is one of the reason I love my family and job so much. Everyday I think I will reach that day where I do not feel this. So far 39 years has gone by and so far so good. I am blessed. So I will enjoy the jurney and keep pusshing myself and firends to be the best we can be.

So this is the latest 2 videos for the 2010 season of Kilian's Quest Please check them out. Good stuff to help you get out the door.

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