Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekend of Trails

I had a great weekend of trail running with my buddy Paul. Man we got to run both days !! On Saturday we hit the Chaska single track trails for a easy 6.5 mile run before I had to work. While out there I felt pretty good. Nice to be on dirt with your buddy. We followed that up with a Sunday run out at Lebanon hills. It was my first run out there this year. I love running out there !! I used to run so much more there but the last two years I have not run more than like 4 times out there. I not only should run more there but need to !! It is a great mix of hills and flats. If you have never run there please check it out. We got in a solid 9+ mile run. I think we where just 1/4 mile short of 10 but we kept a real solid pace going. The temps where great and the trail was solid not to soft at all. Man looking at the log I have a good streak going now. Heck like 12 days straight. Not to bad for me now a days.

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SteveQ said...

I just saw that Mike Henze did beat your state record for 100 miles. He did 100.94 in 15:49:14 (the Sacketts are looking for the official time). You still have the fastest 100 by a Minnesotan, though!