Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hymm to the rim Kilian style

The latest video in the Kilian's Quest is up and let me say for one it is GREAT !!!! Things like this make me want to get up and run baby run. Check it out.

Since my last blog the running has been going good. I feel like I am getting into a small grove so that is good. I had a very good run last Tuesday night with Minnick and Nick from the store. This weekend Sonya, Evan and I are going down to the North Face 50 miler and to see Pat and his family. Should be fun, even though the weather does not look great. Speaking of not so great weather we look like we are going to have shitty stuff for Surf the Murph next weekend as well. I guess it will be a muddy and slow 50 miler to end the year for me. Take care !!

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nwgdc said...

See you down there (50K for me)!

Lets get muddy!