Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A great weekend in cheese land

So this last weekend Sonya, Evan and I went down to the Milwaukee area for the North Face 50 mile race and to go to the Milwaukee zoo which we have herd so much about.

Evan and I got to spend the day cheering on Mommy/My wife Sonya while getting her all the clothing and food needs she had. All in all it was a great day to run. There was a little rain early and wind for most of it but all in all a good day. The race course looked good and the runners seemed to be having fun. I know Evan and I where loving our little house ( mini van ) on wheels. This is a race I would think about that is for sure. I think all in all Sonya was pretty happy with her race. I think she was 6th female in 8:45. Not bad I thought after her Twin Cities Marathon just a few weeks ago. Sonya has lot's of talent and is having fun trying to figure out this ultra running stuff. I think she has many faster times in front of her.

After the race we got to meet up with Pat and Katie Russell for some diner. We went to one of my favorite places in that area. It is called Kopps. They have great burgers and frozen custard. To me think Culvers but better !!

Sunday I met up with Pat for a great 1 hour run. It was very cool to run once more with my friend and catch up on life and such. I got to hear all about how his little girl is doing and do the normal running talk that I so love to do. Pat is a good friend and I hope someday in the future to have them back in the cities so we can run more. Plus I get a great pace workout in when I run with Pat !!

Before we headed home we took in the famed zoo. Man was it cool !!! Evan loves zoo's and hands down this is the best so far. You name it they had it for animals. What a great way to end the trip.

Next up is getting ready for my Surf the Murph 50 mile this Saturday !! I have been feeling great on my runs so that is exciting. Please no rain on race day.

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