Friday, February 28, 2014

Go South Young Man

Wow was that something. As I sit here thinking about my last trip with my buddy Steve and his Marathon Adventures group to Chile and Antarctica I can't help but think about how big this world is and yet also how small it can be.  This was the second year I was lucky to be able to help with this tour. While there I was able to see all the beautiful sights and to meet lot's of amazing people. I saw people who were looking to run two marathon on two continents in 5 days. That was no small feat for anyone but yet they all pushed thru and got it done. On the other hand it was also cool to be able to look around and talk to people who live in the places we were at and see that no matter what language you speak we all have a pride for the places we come from. For me that is Minnesota and all it's glory. 
So while I hope to be able to keep traveling to places like this in the future, it is nice to always know that I will come back and have my love for my home and my people made stronger!

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