Sunday, September 18, 2011

To Blog or not to Blog

So last week my friend and fellow blog man Chad wrote about how it seems like blogs are dieing off some. When I first read that I thought really? But than I started to think about it and maybe in a way they are but also I think the types of blog post are better than ever. When I first started this blog I wrote everyday about what my run was for that day. I guess that was ok at the time but as time went by I started to think more about what I was sharing. Do people need or want to know about every little thing? Most likely not. I mean I like reading people like Anton or Goeff's blogs but think it would not be a special if everyday there was something like "I ran 2 hours in the mountains today and felt good". It is more about telling a story about stuff more meaningful. So with that said I am sorry I have not written as much as of late but I hope that when I share a story or a video you find it more worth your time.

To update you on my training it has been ok. As many people know 2011 has been a very tuff year for me since I have yet to be able to run any trail/ultra races. Still have my sights set on the North Face 50 mile in Sand Fransisco. Think I need to decide on this today as it is almost full. Yikes!!

All in all the last few weeks have been good. It was funny that not just two days after my last post my my back got real sore once more and my left hamstring was going crazy. Maybe I jinks myself huh. But the last 2 weeks have been good. I have been trying to get in like 5-6 day a week and running like 40ish or so per week. I have got in a bunch of 7-9 mile single track trail runs and all has been well. I also started my run from home must do the tangletown hills pledge. You see I live in the center of all these great hills of what we call tangletown in south Mpls. For the rest of the year every run from home must end with a loop of those hills. Figure this will make me stronger. I guess it cant hurt. I hope for a 50+ mile week this next one as I keep on marching forward. Happy trails!!
With this all being said here is a nice little re-cap video of UTMB from some of the North Face runners.


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Well written, well designed, inspiring and entertaining. Keep it up

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