Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Finding meaning in training

Finding meaning in training is the blog title. So what does that mean to me? Well as I have been on the journey the last few months coming back form injury I have had allot of time to think about that. At first I had the joy of just being able to run in our world once more. That was more than enough at first. But as that time went along it was becoming harder to believe it or not get out there as I found myself frustrated with how I felt and what my body was giving me, or for that matter not giving me. As the summer season continued I was becoming depressed about not being apart of all the races I love so much. But I kept at it and I would say that after the last few weeks I have gotten to a much better place. Each week I feel more like myself. I feel faster, can run farther. I guess I am back in a way. I have like not having a "schedule" in a way but feel like it is time to start pointing toward something. Training for a event is not the only thing that can give your running meaning. But I have found over the last 5+ months it is a big part of it all for me. I will always love the pure act of running but think I now know more than ever how having a event out there waiting for you can be just that extra glue to hold it all together.

Here is one more great video from Mr Matt Hart.

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