Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Two steps forward One step back

Kyra and Evan striding out by the rose gardens

The title of the blog today says it all. Well maybe last week if seemed like the other way around. Man after a good run on National Running Day I went into the crapper. My back was so tight and sore and my sciatic nerve down my left leg was on fire. It was a dark day in my head for a few days. Then Saturday came and I went down to see my friends running Fans 12&24 hour race. Being down there snapped my head back around to remembering I am part of a great running community in MN. I looked at my friends and thought how can I help you? In doing so I stopd feeling bad for myself and then aloud myself to think about myself in a different light. Thanks everyone.

I am happy to report that I had a super 3.5 mile run on the trails around Cedar Lake and Brownie pond last night. Heck even thought it was like 98 degrees out when I ran I felt blessed to be out there. Now on to the rest of the week. Happy Running!!


Anonymous said...

I am glad Fans had a positive impact for you. I know how hard it is for you not to run. I have had some major injuries in my life and the effects are always more than physical - the mind has no idea what to do when its outlet has been suddenly stolen.
Keep finding things to be happy about and then your mind will start healing your body. Positive energy unlocks all our potential. Thanks for all you do for the rest of us in the running community, we appreciate it more than you realize.

Anonymous said...

PS - next time you run in the neighborhood let me know, now may be the only time I can actually keep up with you!! And I could use someone to run with during the week!

Kurt said...

Thanks Chris very much!!! We will run soon.