Monday, June 20, 2011


Yes progress is the title of this blog post. Why you might ask? Well on many fronts I would say. For starters my body is feeling better and better over this last week. When I found out I had a stress fracture they said like 8 weeks off and then most likely 4-6 weeks more till I felt like my old self. Last Friday was 3 weeks post time off. I ended off the week with 2 very good runs, and tonight started off this week with my longest run yet. Is a 5.7 mile run long? For now I will take it.

I ask myself what is different? For one I have been getting great treatment from people and two my body is just getting better and stronger each day. I also would like to think some of it mental. I think we all as runners have seen how the mental side of the sport is big, real big. For those who know me good know how I am a student of the sport of running, all running. You want to know a race results of a track race in Europe or what is the next race of Ryan Hall there is a good chance I might know. I love the sport that much. Running is me. Call me a running geek. So this being said I like to study great runners attitudes about things. Weather that be people like my buddies Chris Lunstrom and Tony Kocanda or guys like Western States 100 champ Goeff Roes, I learn stuff all the time. With people like Goeff when I read his blog it helps me see how to just pull back from the "racing" attitude and just run. Love what is around me. Lately this seems to be helping me allot. No 5.7 miles is not something I would normally be jumping up and down about. But hell that is 5.7 more miles than before. I am looking at it as time in my environment doing what I love. This will sometime down the road become say a 30 mile run. But in the end it is still time doing what I love. Here are two videos that ground me. Both done by Joel Wolpert.

Good Luck this weekend Goeff at Western States 100!!!

This brings me to this upcoming weekend. First off Good luck to all my friends running the Black Hills 100 mile, 100k and 50 mile trail races. There are so many going there and I was hoping to be on that starting line for you but I will be there in spirit. Then go get em Arley out at the big dance Western States 100 miler. If that is not enough the USA track championships are this weekend. You can find info on the different races at

And lastly great job to all who ran last weekends Grandma's Races. It was so fun watching you all out there!! Now rest, and yes that is you Matty Champ Mr. 2:13 as well as my wife Sonya miss 3:03.

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