Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dreaming of Dirt

Man oh man we got kicked in the nuts once more with snow. I love snow and everything but I am more than ready for it to go and my dirt trails to be back. I do not know why but I am chomping at the bit to run some dirt. Oh well I guess. Maybe this video will help?

( 2010 UTMB race )
I am happy to report one more weekend done and one more solid long run in the books. I got out for a very fun run Sunday morning with Sonya, Paul and Helen down and around the Mpls lakes area. After a nice 10 mile loop with Helen the rest of us headed out towards Lake of the Isles before coming back to Harriet to end up at 20 miles. As we ran we kept talking about how the weather was holding off and we where wondering if it was missing us? We all know how that ended now with 20" of fresh snow. When we where like 19 miles in the snow started and by the time we dropped Paul at 20 it was in full force. By the time we got to my stopping point at 23 miles it was coming down pretty strong. As you might guess my strong ass wife kept going to get in her 30 miles!!! Wow what a run. I am feeling stronger each week and am really looking forward to the racing season that is not to far away.
2010 Masters runner of the year

I guess we all know how important mindset is in the game of training. I feel better each week about mine. As I was finishing my run last night on the snowy dark roads I just found myself cruising along and living that moment. Even after 25 years or so of running it is important to have moments like that. Happy running!!!
TC Running Company with team awards

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