Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Grand Canyon R2R2R

Well this year is going to be the year I finally get to run the Grand Canyon R2R2R run. My good buddy Paul has been trying to get me to do this for years. So for my first "event" as a 40 year old masters runner I will be going to do this run with Paul and like 10 others from our running group in May. I can not wait till then and I am super excited to do this run I have always dreamed of doing. As I have always said my running can take me to many beautiful places in this world. I know this will also be a great training trip for my upcoming Black Hills 100 mile in late June. Now if May could just get hear a bit quicker!!!

A little update on training. So far 2011 has been a good one. I have run 10 of the 11 days so far. I have been feeling pretty good as well. I have run two speed sessions which have been good and fun. It is just fun to turn the legs over a bit in shorts after slogging away in the snow day in day out. I also had a great long run with the guys last Saturday morning. Man we had like 14 guys running 20 miles ( some longer) at a dark and cold 6am start!! How cool. I also have been enjoying running some fun mt bike and snow shoe trails as well. There is nothing like making your way through the snowy woods on a packed down snow trail. Funny how the trail looks so different than in the summer. You see things you do not see just because of the snow. Enjoy the miles people.


Brian said...

Can't wait for the Canyon, Kurt...it's also getting me all excited for spring! I have heard so much about it, feels like I've already been there. We will have fun!

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nwgdc said...

I second everything DL3 had to say.
In other news...I'm glad to see you won't be at Chippewa. I was really trying to work that run in, just to see people, but the weekend is a rough one, being Easter and all.
I can't wait to follow along in the GC.
See you at the Fall 50, if not sooner!