Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wow what a Fall to love running

Day by day, week by week it seems like everyday this Fall season has been great running weather. It has been such a joy to be able to hit the trails with the guys and get is some jogger runs with Evan and Sonya. Making it even better is the fact that I have been feeling pretty good as well. There is not a bunch to report on but thought I would just check in. I am hoping to do a few gear reviews and such.

This weekend Sonya and I will be going up to Door county for the Fall 50 mile road race. I am so excited to get in the care and hit the road. I have no idea what to shoot for as I really did not do a build up for this one. I am just looking to enjoy the race and the special time I will get to have with just me and my wife for 3 whole days!! This is the start to the as my friend Tony says the "new" Kurt days of not just hoping but doing time. I think he his right. I far to much when talking about myself say I hope I can do.... It needs to be I am doing...... Let the good times roll.

Here is a fun video from the North Face Canadian Death Race. Looks fun huh.

Lastly just wanted to say R.I.P Eyedea...........Mpls has lost a good onee


oakley said...

Great videos, thanks for posting..

SteveQ said...

I just saw a Katie Decker (age 29) in the In Yan Teopa race results. Any relation?

btw, just sent someone to you at TCRC for a shoe recommendation.

Kurt said...

Thanks Steve !!! No relation to Katie.