Monday, October 4, 2010

TCM and past few weeks in Review

Wow it's been a little while since I posted. So who was out at the Twin Cities marathon this last weekend? It was another year of fun, fun, fun. This is a special weekend for me as I get to see so many of my running friends all in one place over 3 days. Now working the expo is hard on the body and all but it is so worth it. After a great day on Friday I was excited for Saturday and the kids races. All my kids have always done these and little Evan LOVES it so much; he has done it every year and counting. He asked me if I would hang up a picture of him at the store if he ran well and of course I said sure. This is what I am thinking of, what do you think?

Sunday Evan and I got up early and took mom to the start of the 10 miler then when out on the course to start our long day of cheering people on. Sonya ran great to finish 7th and top masters runner. Her time of 1:03 40ish was one of her best on that course so she was very happy.

After Sonya's race we went up to the TC Running RV party at mile 24. Man was that fun. This year Adam added a music and microphone element to the scene. I think everyone running thought it was great. It makes me excited to be apart of the TCRC family on days like this. The combo of the party and seeing all the TCRC runners in there uni's go by litterly brings me to tears. Thanks People!!

On the running front my growing seems to be getting better week by week. So much so I signed up for the Door County Fall 50 mile. This will be a get the run done so I can put in for Western States 100. I got in a solid 25 miler 3 weeks ago which gave me the green light. It will also be a fun time to have Sonya to myself for 3 days!! First time in 4 years we will have more than 1 night without the kids. Plus on Sunday it is Vikings vs. Packers in Green Bay, Go Vikes.

Not sure what the next few weeks will bring but looking forward to getting out with friends and enjoy this great fall weather.


SteveQ said...

Sonya looked great when I saw her at 21.5 miles. So nice to see, after usually seeing her suffering in hot trail races.

Kel said...

LOVE the picture of Evan and the other kids :)

Have fun and good luck at Door County!