Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Steady as it goes

The title of this blog entry sums up one more week in the books for me. Things have been overall very steady. I did miss my first day of running in like 50+ days last Thursday but that was ok as it was going to be a very late night run and I knew I had to get out early the next day. No need to run twice in like 7 hours. I ended up the weekend good with a solid 11 miles with Steve on Saturday then I got in a Valentines run with Sonya. We where looking at 30 miles for the day. Sonya got in the full 30 miles but I called it a day after 24 miles. My groing was getting pretty sore and I figured better safe than sorry. It was still a upgrade of 4 miles to the long run and I ended the weekend with a solid 35 miles. My run last night tells me that it was a good call to stop early on Sunday. All parts where pretty good as I knocked out a solid 9 miles. Keep it rolling people !!

P.S. Great job by all who ran the Psycho Wyco trail races last weekend. Helen has a good write up on the trip down in the TC Running RV.

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