Monday, February 8, 2010

Double the Fun

What a weekend it was. As people who follow this blog know I have been on a very good streak of running for sometime now and feeling like I am getting my grove back mentally about running. This post from super ultra runner Goeff Roes awhile back really helped me get in a good frame of mind. As we all know being in a good place upstairs helps so much when getting out the door.

So this weekend like all the past few ones I found myself getting out early with Paul on Saturday morning. This week we where going to do 20 miles. This was going to be my longest run yet of this year. The 18 miles last week felt good so I was up to added on the extra 2 miles. The run on a whole was great. Paul and I had a great time talking and running down by the lakes and such. I would say the first 18 miles where great. Now the last 2 miles kind of went down hill a bit because the footing was getting harder but all in all we got in a solid 20. After the run I was a bit sore but overall not bad.

After a good day and night of drinking water and eating some food I was excited to be able to run with Sonya. She was going to do 20 miles as well and I figured I would just go along for the ride then drop off after a while. Well mile after mile went by and I was feeling super good. So going by my "Goeff" attitude I was going with the flow. Before I knew it I had in a second day of 20 miles !! Man back to back 20 mile days. Boy it had been awhile. So long that I do not think I even had done this before Leadville 100 last summer. Man I was happy with myself.

This weekend gave me lot's of confidence in what I am doing as a runner and continues to make me excited for the upcoming season. Bring on the races... but not before some more good training.

The great weekend ended with a fun day of sledding for Summer's b-day party with the girls, my brothers and Kraig's little Lucy.


roughkat said...

That sounds like a great weekend of running. I'm trying to keep myself motivated by reading posts like this without getting too depressed that I can't be out there myself. I think it will be a few weeks still before I can run again so I'm taking the dog for long walks and hitting the stationary bike in the meantime.

Julie said...

Wow, I found another Minnesota blogger:) Great pictures!!

Kurt said...

Dylan hang in there man. I know it is easy for me to say but you will be out there killing it soon.

Julie, Welcome to my world. Thanks for the nice comment and maybe we will meet some day soon.

Happy running all !!