Monday, November 23, 2009

A little bit more than last week

That was what I kept telling myself all week. Just keep shooting for a little bit more than last week. Last week I got good total miles with that big 35 mile day out at Elm Creek but overall I did not get out many days. This week was better in that I got out the door 5 of the 7 days of the week. Now I just need to keep adding more miles with the days. I would like to build up to a point where I am up to 7 days and like 65 to 75 miles per week with 2 speed/ uptempo day mixed in. I know in the past this worked well for me. I figure if I can do that most of the winter that will make getting some 80+ miles weeks in come April and beyond will be much easier. It is all talk for now I need to just do it as I have no one to blame but myself if I do not make it happen.

One week from Saturday it is Western States 100 mile lottery day !! That will be a big day as it will help me shape what I am looking at training wise come summer of 2010. With all of this and some added strength work I hope to rebound after 2+ years of running far under what I know I have and can do from my past. It is not like I am looking 10 years back in time for crying out loud.

This a great little 2 min video made by New Balance about their outdoor runners. Check it out as it has a old Minnesota runner in Brandy in it !!!

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SteveQ said...

Good video, but I'd hate to be Eric Skaggs right now.

Your wanting to get back to where you were a couple of years ago is the same thing for me: training at 7-7.5 min./mile in 2006, 9's in 2009. The glory days - they're in the past, but I've got a little left in the tank.