Monday, September 7, 2009

Catching up & more pictures

I thought it was time to catch up on the blog since my Leadville re-cap. Well not much exciting news to report. I took the whole week off after the race which was nice. I was feeling super good but held off the urge to get out for a run, instead had some great bike rides with Sonya as she did her speed workouts. The 2nd post week after (last week) I took the every other day approach. I know from doing these things there can be a big deep down soreness in you that you do not feel at first. My runs felt great. I got in a easy 5 miler one day with Sonya then a great 9+ miler with Sonya, Evan and Nick then I caped the week off with a great 7+ miler on the Chaska trails with Paul. I was super happy with how things where coming !!

Then came Sunday. Man I woke up at 3am i think feeling like hell. After about 10 trips to the bathroom with diarrhea I finally puked my brains out at like 7:45am. This continued like 4 more times during the day. It was not till about 10pm that I felt like I was turning the corner. Man what a day !!! Good thing Sunday was a day off huh.

Now it is Monday, Labor Day and I am feeling good. I am trying to decide if I should take one more day off or not ? I am leaning towards the day off. Heck what is one more day of rest at this point. Well I hope everyone has a great Labor Day and I hope to see you out on the trails soon !!

P.S. here are a few more pictures from my Leadville 100


Steve said...

Congrats, Kurt! I met your wife while running at Afton this summer and hope she's getting a good handle on her hypothyroidism. Mine is finally getting straightened out after being really out of whack for most of the year. Hope to meet you some time out on the trails.

Helen said...

Hope you enjoyed the day off - and take another one if you feel like it - there is nothing like those 'guilt-free' days off after a huge race!

Kurt said...

Hey Steve I also hope to see you sometime out on the trails. Anything coming up ?

Helen it was nice to take the day off but I will say I am happy I want to be out there every day at last !! Keep resting !!!

Steve said...

Kurt, I'm running the Superior Sawtooth 100 on Friday. It'll be my first time on the SHT. Ouch! After that I'll be at the Black Dog 50 mile fun run hosted by Peter Grimes on October 3rd.