Monday, August 3, 2009

Across the new divide

Oh good God it is just 3 weeks till race day. Man in many ways I am super jacked about this but on the other hand I would be lying if I said I was not just a bit nervous. I guess that is good, I have aways thought being nervous was a good sign meaning you are taking it serious. Last week was kind of a mix bag for me. I mostly had good runs during the week where I felt strong. My Tuesday night run with Jason Minnick was very good as well as the Friday early a.m. run with the guys out at the Hyland trails. My weekend kind of sucked but I did not fret to much as I like to say "the hay is in the barn" at this point.

One way to end off the week was a great Leadville get together hosted by Paul and his family. We had Joe, Tony, George ( Joe's pacer ) and myself as well as our families over for a great diner and met and greet. We also where joined by Adam and Kelly Lindahl owners of the TC Running Company. It is shaping up to be a great trip with lot's of TCRC shirts everywhere !!!

So this is my theme song for this years race. Enjoy


SteveQ said...

I saw your new header photo and thought, "What a nice, wide, even, flat trail. I wonder where that is." Then I realized it's the Oberg Mtn. parking lot. Hope to see that sometime on Sep. 12.

rob horton said...


who is crewing for you this year?