Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Asleep at the wheel.

Good god has it really been a few months since my last post? Well I am sorry. You know it there has been many reasons for my lack of blogging. In the end I guess none of them really matter. A lot has happen since the last post but I will quick update version. Well as you might remember I got hurt back on Easter weekend. My Achilles never has gotten 100% even after all that time. Do not get me wrong it is much better but over all still a pain in the butt. I did do a few races. I ran the Chippewa 50k back in April. What a super race to say the least. I look forward to running this one many more times. Sweet single track all over!! I did run much better than I thought I would. I ended up 19th in 4:35. I also lined up a few weeks ago for the Black Hills 100 mile. This was not to be my day. I felt not so great going into the race but was looking forward the trip and the day in the woods with friends. Race day it was very hot out. It got up to the mid 90's very early in the day, not very much fun for running. Then I had this wicked superman fall early in the race at 18 miles. After the fall my body felt like crap and was never the same. I ended up dropping out at 39 miles. Dropping out was not a easy thing to do but was the best thing to do in many ways. It still eats at me that I did not get it done on that day but do not know what else I could have done. I was not up to pushing my body and mind that hard for another 61 miles. There are other battles to fight. Plus not being totally crushed made sight seeing with my family a much more fun time.
After just a few days at work I was off to the 2012 USA Olympic track trials in Eugene,OR as a guest of Nike. Man what to say other than Track Town USA is the place to be for something like this!! I was out there with my buddy and boss TC Running Company owner Adam and we had so much fun. I will be back in the future that is for sure!
Since the trials it has back to life as I know it. Working hard at TCRC, trying to be the best husband/dad I can be for my family, and trying to run some. Running has not been easy as it has been real hot outside most days. I also have felt real run down so I am going into the doctor this week to get some blood work done just to make sure. I guess better safe than sorry. Not sure what racing has in store for me this year. I hope to do something this fall, but if my body does not come around then I will be happy just doing what I can to have the best 2013 I can. Frankly I am very tired of all the crap the last few years and truly know I need to make some changes if I want to get back to the runner I once was. So here is to a great late summer of running and bring on the fall time baby!!!


SteveQ said...

Love the new header photo!

Kurt said...

Thanks Steve.

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kevin baltus said...

Chip 50k OK for a newbie? I've done the door county 50m, but not a true single track yet.