Friday, March 23, 2012

Pushing On

So lately I feel like I have had allot of people asking me "how do you feel"? That is a good question I have been thinking. In allot of ways I have been feeling good about my overall foot speed. I have been running most of my daily runs at a pretty good clip, but when it comes to my hill strength and overall long runs I have been feeling like I need much more work to be done. Now maybe over the last few weeks that has more to do with me fighting off this respiratory illness. I guess the cure is going to be a steady diet of hill training and some real solid long runs over the next few weeks!!

My friend Jeff Denney's son had a ski accident out in Utah a few weeks ago and lost his one leg below the knee. Jeff has been saying what a great attitude his son has had about it all and to me that is not shock to me as I think Jeff himself might be the most positive person I know. Running with him today we talked about feeling lucky that we have each day. Jeff is correct and I plan to think of his son as I train for this 100 miler and remember to always try to be happy for what I have and to remember to keep on pushing. It is sad that at times we need stuff like this to put it all into view. We are lucky to be alive on our planet.

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