Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Building the Perfect Beast

Man what a great few weeks of training it has been since I last did a blog post. Have you ever had those times in your running life where with each run you can feel yourself getting stronger and stronger and you frankly just do not want to stop. Well after a long time passing with none of those feelings, I have finally come into a nice patch of those runs. Man what a feeling!

It has been so nice to go out on the run and just feel smooth with each step, strong on the uphills, fast on the downhills. It is a time where everything seems like it is in slow motion. I know that times like this do not always last forever so I will keep my fingers crossed and keep plugging forward as I know Dec 3rd and the North Face 50 mile is not to far away. No matter what happens the journey so far has been fun and it has been a great fall running lot's of new and old favorite trails with my buddies.

By the way who knew that Battle Creek Park in St Paul had so many trails and so so many hills! Thanks Aaron that was one hell of a last 20 miler in the training cycle. Happy Trails people.


SteveQ said...

Battle Creek is my close-to-home back-up trail place. There's some nice single-track, but you have to watch out for mountain bikes.

Tracy said...

Kurt! Derek and I live near Battle Creek and run there often...I have thought in the past about how much you'd like it! Happy to hear you made it out!

Kurt said...

Yea Steve we started at 5:30am= no bikes. But when we got done some 3 hrs 20 min's later some 6-10 looked to be ready to start.

Tracy I loved them as I got in like over 2,100 feet of climbing and 1,900 of decending in just 21 miles!!! I will be back.

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