Monday, March 14, 2011

Steady Man

One more week gone by and one more week closer to running on some dirt. With the weather we are going to be having all week I feel like my first run on the dirt is so close I can taste it. My good buddy Paul was down in Arkansas for a long weekend and got to run on some dirt trails, man so so jealous buddy.

So for this week I thought I would bring it down a bit like I said before. As much as I was rolling I needed to make sure I was got cranking it up to much to fast for the time of the year. So I ended up taking two days off during the week. It was nice to have the days to rest and know that I was not taking them because 1) I was being lazy or 2) I was totally fried. I still kept my solid indoor track workout in Tuesday night. One more week down and feeling fast, go figure.

When the weekend came I got in a solid pace 17 miler in with KJ down at the lakes. It has been great getting to know him more and have one more person to add to my super mix of running friends. Toward the end of the run we got to see the leaders of the Irish for a Day 10 miler go by!!! On Sunday lucky old me got to run another 17 miler with Sonya thanks to my Mom taking the kids. Thanks Mom. This week it was just Sonya and me so we got to talk about all the things we always want to talk about all week but never get to because we are doing like 1 million different things for the kids. This was great. Another great part of Sundays run was that I got to try my new Salomon Advance skin water vest for the first time. All I can say is wow!!! Man what a great fit as I never knew I had it on. I think this is going to be the ticket come Grand Canyon R2R2R and for the Black Hills 100 miler.

This week will also be down a bit as I get ready for the St. Patricks Human Race 8k on Sunday but I will keep things not to easy as I need to keep my eye on the prize at the end of June. I will leave you with these two great videos from last years Western States 100 done by local gal Audrey Weber. She did a super job!!!

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