Friday, January 22, 2010

Hmm looks like fun

So we are always looking for what that next race/ challenge could be for us. It seems like my year of races keeps changing day to day. I feel like I should just take that part of my blog off. One race I keep coming back to is the North Face 50 mile final out in the San Fransisco area in December. I guess I will have to see how things are going but I think I might have to find a way out there. Here is a great video of the Women's champ this year Caitlin Smith.

As for my running it is going strong still ! I have kept alive my streak for 2010 so far with 22 straight days. I will have to say even though this is not very long it marks a good point for me as I think it has been at least 1 year since I have run 22 days in a row. Overall I have felt real good each day and getting stronger I think. Had the second Friday in a row with a GREAT trail run with the guys. I am hoping to knock out a 20 miler tomorrow morning so we will see. I am just going with the flow. Go Vikings !!


Brian said...

Kurt --

Nice to meet you at TCRC last Saturday. It's great to get to "talk shop" with a local legend. Looking forward to running into you at the Lakes, the store and/or at a few races this year.


SteveQ said...

There's an article in the 2009 Minnesota Runner's Yearbook (from USATF MN) about Sonya and Bonnie Sons. Worth a look!