Wednesday, January 1, 2020

2019 Year in Review Music

So much to talk about when I think of the last year in music. One thing was a continued effort by myself to get back out to more live music. As much as I enjoy listening to music I so love watching a good band play and interact on stage and with the crowd, that is something that I can't even begin to dscribe how it makes me feel. After years of so many shows then a few years of very few I have been trying to be better at engaging in. Something I would also say that has become more and more an important factor in me and my connection to music is listening through headphones as the sounds just plain penetrate your brain in a different way! What is so encouraging is the amount of depth in songs and complete albums in a time where I think popular music is all about a hook and a hit song and nothing else. It truly was a great year!

So what I like to do every year is start a list in my phone or on a notepad as I hear something that impacts me as it is far to hard to just think of it all at the end of the year. With that as I looked over my list as was re listening I was struck with so very much that was great, far too much to do a top 10 list. What you find is my top 10 with a few others to please take a first or second listen too.

Others to take in:
Karen O & Danger Mouse- Lux Prima, Coldplay- Everyday Life, The National-I am easy to find, King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard- Infest the Rats Nest, Foals-Everything Not Saved will be Lost vol 1&2

10. Sturgill Simpson- Sound &Fury (What I loved about this album was a few things. I loved that rather than allowing himself to be put in a box he followed her heart and let it rip with his great band)

9. The Raconteurs- Help us Stranger (I know some people are quick to say it's like a Jack White solo album but I do not think they are listening to the true sound of what is being said. I love what he does with this band, it's a true band and I do think they all have a place to make it whole)

8. The Black Keys- Lets Rock (By far there strongest effort in many years, while not the complete stripped down sound of the early years I for one really like the full band sound. With these guys and The Raconteurs I think its safe to say that Rock and Roll is still kicking ass)

7. The Avett Brothers- Closer Than Together (These guys are true songwriters and and continue to blow me away. On this album they touch on many thoughts many people are feeling today. To truly appreciate them and their songs see them live)

6. Garry Clark Jr- This Land (Keeping with the theme of an amazing band and how they gel Garry has that. Yes he is a guitarist that blows you away but the licks have a place and are not just there to show off. A great groove and message is delivered on this album, also see them live now if you can!)

5. Bon Iver- i,i (The sounds that this man/band is able to put together is amazing and something that is hard to explain but is so very moving)

4. Brittany Howard- Jaime (The depth of feeling and songwriting was amazing to me and something I was not expecting. I have liked her work with Alabama Shakes but this was her taking her music to another place)

3. Billie Eilish- When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We... (The songs are complete and so much more than what I am afraid the mainstream public sees in them. Yes there are great hooks and beats but there is substance to the songs that I only hope people take the time to truly listen to, while I was resisting at first I could not help falling for them)

2. Michael Kiwanuka- Kiwanuka (His silky smooth and soulful music is just my soul needs so often. The lyrics on this album as very beautiful and full of hope)

1. Tool- Fear Inoculum (What do I say? I have waited so long for this album that I was afraid it could not live up to what I wanted, but yes it did! These guys are so much more than a "metal" band that people peg them as, they write songs that transcend time and have great depth. If you don't think you would like this album listen and give it a chance as with each 10 min+ song you weave all though space in you head that you feel in you soul)

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